2pc Cupping Systems
Fully integrated and tailored complete lines for the manufacturing of beverages or food cans.

A maintenance-free servo drive with an extremely fast hydraulic clutch-brake combination guarantees high machine availability. Tolerance free roller bearing ram guide system, full mass balancing systems and anti-vibration elements guarantee ideal running, high quality and a very short tool life.

Wide-Bed Cupper

Technical Features:

  • High-volume Wide-Bed Cupper for 15-out tooling
  • Welded and annealed press frame – high rigidity
  • High precision design – parallelism ram/table < 0,03 mm / m
  • High energy drives including planetary gearing
  • Precision ram guiding system with backlash free roller bearings
  • Electrical overload safety device to protect the tooling
  • Pneumatic counterbalance cylinders on inner and outer slide
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic clutch-brake combination
  • Recirculating oil lubrication system water cooled
  • Integral mass balancing system (PE 130 PDA 200/250)
  • Shaft / connecting rod support by high precision roller bearings (PE 130 PDA 250)
  • Easy die change and positioning systems

Technical Features


  • For coils up to 13 to and 2000 mm in diameter
  • Very robust system, hydraulically operated

Coil Car

  • Big stroke – half produced coils can easily been taken off the decoiler
  • Rails mounted in-floor – no “tripping hazards”


  • Single – or Dual Arm Decoiler, hydraulically driven

Servo-Roller Feeder

  • Minimum changeover times combined with high dynamics
  • Free feeder movement in setup-mode

Lubrication System

  • Minimum oil consumption due to very precise dosing capabilities