DRD Systems
DRD (Draw-Redraw) systems for two-piece food and beverage cans as well as aersosol cans, propane gas cylinders etc. High-precision single action presses in welded steel construction with a high working energy, with conventional drive or servo drive – ideally designed for the specific process.

Technical Data:

  • Break proof welded and annealed press frame with minimum deflection
  • Highest accuracy due to small cutting gaps. Plane-parallelism ram / table per 1,000 mm < 0.02 mm (0.0007”). Tolerance ram movement < 0.02 mm (0.0007”).
  • Flywheel drive system with high forming energy ( direct drive or gearwheel / planetary gearing drive – for high forming energy)
  • Construction as freely controllable servo driven press per request
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic clutch-brake combination
  • Connecting-rod with bronze bearings, eccentric shaft with roller bearings
  • Two piece ram – made of aluminium, with pneumatic counter balance
  • Long backlash-free roller bearing ram guide systems (prism roller guide system / linear roller bearing guide system, adjustable)
  • Central oil lubrication
  • Electronic, mechanical or hydraulic overload safety system
  • Integrated press load measuring device to control the stamping process
  • Easy die change and positioning systems

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