Press solutions designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry for the production of rubber closures.

Combined with a Finite Element Analysis optimised press frame, this leads to a very rigid and accurate machine – needed for the production of rubber parts with cutting gaps close to “0”.

Technical Data:

  • Very rigid straight-sided press with minimum bed deflection due to almost „0 cutting gap“
  • Plane-parallelism ram / table < 0.02 mm (0.0007”)
  • Tolerance ram movement < 0.02 mm (0.0007”)
  • Integrated double stroke function / skip-notching
  • Stepless Skip-Notching function via programmable high-speed ram adjustment - No prefixed skip-notching stroke – each product gets the stroke that it needs
  • Optional water hydraulic „Nessie“ from Danfoss as power medium - oil free system. Hydraulic functions contain clamping of ram adjustment as well as all necessary operations of the integrated die positioning system
  • Easy die change system - consisting of 4 hydraulically operated ledge clamps and 2 hydraulically operated roller die lifts integrated in the bolster plate including indexing system – manufactured of stainless steel
  • Seawater resistant painting
  • Two hand release via electronic „Safe Caps“ - ‘Safe Caps’ are intelligent proximity sensors that replace the use of mechanical sensors with two-hand control within control category 4 of safety level III-C. 100% water- and oil-proof
  • All bearings, i.e. eccentric shaft, connecting rod, ram guides, … are pre-loaded, zero clearance roller bearings
  • Three fold safety system - for maximum user protection (two-hand press release, safety light-curtain, back-doors with safety interlocks)
  • Completely housed with stainless steel covers.

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